Esther Kransen
The Cultivist


Esther had no idea who or what she was as a professional, let alone a name for her newly started freelance life. The question to Tim was therefore different than usual: do you want to help me discover my purpose as a professional and then create a brand identity with it? The challenge was therefore to start completely blank.

“I knew Tim via via and I knew who I was asking my question to. Had seen his work, but was particularly curious about what would happen if we discovered together who and what I am as a freelance professional.”

“The first sessions therefore covered my entire working life and all the experiences I had had in more than 20 years. What made me happy, what gave me good feedback, what energizes me and what doesn't? There were up to 100 post-it's on the wall with talents, words, experiences and ideas. Tim then grouped in that.”

“It was also intensive. It gave me enormous energy to work on this and sometimes it also felt like I had run a half marathon after a session. Going through it all, I trusted that it would bring me a lot.”

“What I like about Tim is that he doesn't mince words. It also says what it stands for if that results in a politically incorrect statement. Spot-on and food for thought, that's Tim. It makes it real and made me increasingly aware of my profession. Ready for the next phase: developing a name and image.”

“With the mood boards, I found that it was immediately clear which way it could go for me. Tim is very observant and had watched and listened to me very carefully, that was clear. There were elements in two mood boards that I wanted to combine. No problem. This resulted in a very strong starting point that suits me very emphatically.”

“For me, the phasing of the process is also very nice. I just started as an entrepreneur and I don't have a clear vision of the future for myself yet. For me, working with Tim is a combination of personal coaching and working on my identity as a professional. The result: a brand and corporate identity that allows me to grow further. The Cultivist is a work in progress, where every step in the process has already proven to be a win-win.

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