Sarina Richarts

visual coach

Sarina was looking for a visual coach to help her create a visual identity for her company. When Sarina spoke to Tim, there was no name, logo and corporate identity yet. However, the intention is to give shape and content to the Reloads in Ibiza, which focuses on yoga, nutrition and kickboxing.

“During the first session, it was mainly a lot of questions that Tim used to get to the point. Why do I do what I do? What do I want to manifest? We even went back to the age of 14, a point in my life where my passion and ambition grew. I knew in that session: I'm going to take this trip with Tim.”

“Tim became my visual coach. He fully supported me in the process of creating, choosing and letting go. He gave me the motivating push to choose the name OXYO. That worked really well based on the mood boards he made for me. From there, we were able to continue building.”

“The process with Tim also really got me moving. The creative power that arose was intense and very welcome. I simply couldn't avoid it. We just scheduled the next appointment in the agenda. That's how I learned to trust that no matter how I felt, I made the right choice every time.”

“Where I would naturally go for a soft feminine style, I was able to see what a powerful style can do because of the three different mood boards. And the name OXYO - which stands for oxygen - completely stands for what I do and am. It was 100% accurate. Tim's signature is clear, contemporary and pure. Simple and to the point, making it very powerful.”

“OXYO has now become the guide to my life, both professionally and personally. I create from connection and that has therefore become my most important core value. Of course, I did that myself, but Tim made it visible, which also makes me much more visible. I have grown enormously as a professional. The commitment has been removed and that's why I stood up and am now doing what I do.”

“Whether you have a company that has been on the road for years or is just starting out, big or small, Tim is really good at looking at the essence and translating that into design. In addition, the only thing you bring with you is an open attitude to growth and change. So are you ready to receive the unexpected? Go play with Tim!”

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