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Nick and Liz have been active with Learn Adapt Built for a few years, which focuses on scientific research, advice and tooling for a healthy work environment. LAB works internationally and for large business companies such as Edge Technologies and CBRE. They were looking for someone to make the brand visually strong and really understand what LAB wants to achieve in the business world. Curiosity led them to Tim.

“When we looked at Tim's portfolio - we got a tip via - we didn't know if he was the partner to help us. We opted for trust and went into it fresh and without context. We surrendered to the professional.”

“Tim's sessions were almost like therapy. We founded LAB together and are a couple. With Tim, there was room to think together and answer those questions that we didn't find a clear answer to before. Tim listened. Even when asked, “Tim, what would you do?” was his response, “No idea.” Tim spoke so little at the first session that Liz was afraid it would be such a failed meeting where people only spoke from one side of the table. Nothing turned out to be further from the truth.”

“The mood boards made it clear that we were very different in opinion. One person preferred to see everything in blue and the other everything in red. Tim made it purple and one whole. We needed a choice in the process. It is precisely these different mood boards that help you make the right choice. The relationship with your own company is almost as emotional as the relationship with your baby, so you can imagine this is really an important step in the process.”

“Studioplay® has taught us that developing a brand is a process, not a revelation. Tim's approach is very human, warm and hospitable. Within the friendly atmosphere that Tim creates, the creation takes place step by step. The brand guide that Tim provided now provides us with valuable inspiration to shape our presentation and work. It brings us great pleasure to bring all the elements to life step by step now. In short, a rich document that we can move forward with.”

“If you can give yourself as a gift and take the time to get started with Tim, do it! We are usually quite impatient with these kinds of processes, but with studioplay, it was really a joy to do. So trust the process, the journey and there will be an equally beautiful outcome. And with Tim's quote module, you can just go step by step. So nice.

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