Creating your visual brand identity

Als ondernemer wil je jezelf zichtbaar maken en herkenbaar presenteren. Het creëren van een sterke merkidentiteit is hierbij essentieel. Denk aan een professioneel logo en een boeiende website die je verhaal vertelt. Studio Play® helpt je bij elke stap, van concept tot vormgeving, zodat je een krachtige en consistente uitstraling krijgt.

Voor wie?
Zelfstandige professionals

studioplay® - Tim Heijne

Intuitive mood boards as a guide

Your role in the process is essential. You will actively work. During a number of creative sessions, you will get to the core of your brand. The basis for a strong concept is already laid during the first session.

Using three intuitive mood boards, you determine the direction for concept and design. Then there is still a lot of room to make adjustments. Tim is very open to feedback and because of his commitment to you as a person, he will keep going until it's right. His eye for aesthetics and the urge to create make him the ideal partner in creating a strong brand.

“Creation only exists when you have a creative share.”

Tim, designer
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