Virgill olvira

Brand Identity Development for Added Colour Talent Hub

Background Virgill Olvira approached studioplay® with the ambition to create a name and brand identity for a talent hub based in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The goal was to create a dynamic and culturally rich appearance that reflects Zuidoost's diversity and creativity.

Creative Session Tim from studioplay® initiated a creative session to identify the project's core values. Here, ideas and insights were shared to capture the essence of the talent hub.

Mood boards As a next step, Tim presented three mood boards that represented different visual directions. These mood boards served as inspiration for the further development process and gave Virgill Olvira the opportunity to indicate a preference.

Brand Manual Based on the chosen direction, studioplay® developed a comprehensive brand manual that defined visual identity, color palette, typography, and other brand elements. This manual guided all future expressions of the brand.

Name creation In collaboration with Virgill and Milo, a special session was dedicated to coming up with an appropriate name for the talent hub. Tim drew from his “name database” and proposed various suggestions, with the key words as a guide. The name “Added Colour” came out as the most telling, symbolic of the addition of talent, cultural strength and trendsetting value from Zuidoost's cultural potential. Color is literally added to an organization.

Ambassadorship To position the brand even more strongly, Patta, a renowned brand with roots in Zuidoost's culture, was involved as an ambassador. This not only enhanced Added Colour's credibility, but also linked it to the region's rich cultural history.

Outcome The collaboration resulted in a powerful brand identity for Added Colour, which not only reflects the diversity and creativity of Amsterdam Zuidoost, but also bridges the gap between talent and cultural strength. With Patta as ambassador, Added Colour has a solid foundation to establish and grow its position as a thriving talent hub.

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