PPOZO - Southeast Primary Education Project Office

Brand identity Development for PPOZO by Studioplay®

Amsterdam South East

Case Brand identity Development for PPOZO by Studioplay®

Reason PPOZO, the Zuidoost Primary Education Project Office, approached Studioplay® with the wish to strengthen and develop its brand identity. This initiative was born from the need to clearly communicate PPOZO's values and strengths and to create a strong relationship with the community in Amsterdam Zuidoost. PPOZO also organises events for schools and the community in Zuidoost.

Process Studioplay® and PPOZO worked closely together on the brand identity development process. Studioplay® introduced its “learn, play, create” method, organizing a session to include all PPOZO employees in the process. This ensured broad support and recognition within the organization.

During the sessions, three moodboard directions were presented, each time highlighting PPOZO's values and strengths. The essential character of PPOZO, with its focus on every child and every educational professional, was at the heart of this process.

The result of this collaboration was the development of the new logo, which integrated the chosen mood board direction and PPOZO's core values. The identity is led by characters that each represent a unique emotion, giving the corporate identity and appearance a colorful and sympathetic character.

In addition, the structure of the new website was guided by the events that PPOZO organizes for schools and the community in Zuidoost. Studioplay® also created the new website, where both parents and educational professionals can navigate intuitively. The website invites interaction and offers a clear, accessible and open environment.

Involved parties

POZO • Studioplay® • Local photographer Les Adu from Zuidoost

Outcome The successful collaboration between PPOZO and Studioplay® resulted in a renewed brand identity that reflects PPOZO's values and strengths in a striking way. The new logo and corporate identity not only promise to capture the essence of PPOZO, but also to create a strong connection with the community in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The key visuals, provided by Les Adu, with students from Zuidoost and portrait photography by the PPOZO employees, add a local and personal touch to the whole thing. The new website, developed by Studioplay®, offers intuitive navigation and invites interaction for parents and education professionals alike.

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